2018 Triathlon Training Education Camps – 10 USAT CEU’s

Orlando, FL  – February 8 – 11, 2018 Reserve your place for our upcoming Triathlon Elite Breakthrough Training Camp in Orlando, FL. Join Tri Peak Athlete,LLC Elite Coach Hector Torres and ...

Wednesday – Build your back!

Warm up: 1 mile or 10 min cardio Foam Roll Dynamic Warm up: 5 TRX – I Y T (If you don’t have battle ropes you can do military jumping ...

Tuesday – Crush It

Warm up: 1 mile or 10 min cardio Foam Roll Dynamic Warm up: 6 – reverse lunges with a twist 6 – knees with a knee hug Main Set 6 ...


Friday – Burner

Warm Up: 30 calories – Assault bike or Rower Foam Roll Warm ...

Thursday – High/Low

Warm up: 30 calories Dynamic Warm up: 10 walking lunges 8 knees ...

Snatchy Snatch – Wednesday

Warm up 30 calories on assault bike or tower Dynamic warmup with ...

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Lodging for the Camp

Holiday Inn & Suites Across From Universal Orlando La Quinta Inn & Suites Orlando Universal area Extended Stay America – Orlando Theme Parks – Major Blvd. Clarion Inn & Suites All of these hotels are at 9.8 miles away from Tri Peak Athlete, LLC. (617 Virginia Dr. Orlando, FL 32803) Or you can pick a […]

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2018 Happy New Year

Great wait to start the year with a great workout! Set your goals and keep yourself focused. The average American will only last three weeks into their resolution. Ask for help and don’t deviate from the plan! Plan ahead and write everything down. It will hold you a countable!

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Tuesday – Fat Burner

Fat Burner Warm up 1 mile easy run Dynamic stretching and muscle activators 6 Lunges twist per side 6 squats 6 worlds greatest stretch Main set 4 sets of each super set. Take one min recover in between each triple super set Triple super set ⁃ 15 ab Mat reload ⁃ 15 squats ⁃ 15 […]

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Monday – Leg Day

Warm up: 1 mile easy run AMRAP – 4 min 4 lung reaches 4 air squats 4 lung twist Main Set: This will be a super set as: Round 1 – 10 reps of 65% of 1 RM 10 sec Recovery Round 2 – 8 – 10 Reps of 85% of  1 RM 60 sec […]

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Wednesday – Pump It Up

Warm up: 1000 meter row Dynamic Stretches Foam Roll Main Set: 4 Rounds Triple Super Set 10 TRX Push ups 10 Hammer Curls 20 Mountain Climbers 1 min recovery after the each round 4 Rounds Triple Super Set 10 Military Pushups 10 Tricep overhead extensions 15 Dumbbell Woodchoppers 1 min recovery after the each round […]

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Last day at the expo!

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Hard Work – Monday

Warm up: 1000 meter Rowing or 30 calories on the assault bike Dynamic stretch such as 10 knees to chest 10 reverse lunges with a twist 10 world greatest stretch (Runners lunge with a twist Main Set A 6 Rounds 10 calories on the rower /assault bike  or 200-meter run 7 thrusters 65% of 1RM […]

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Frisky – Friday

Warm up 1 mile easy Dynamic warm up 3 round of 5 reps of I-Y-T Main set A 6 rounds 10 squats 5 TRX rows 10 pike jumps Main set B EMOM – every minute on the minute for 6 rounds 10 thrusters 5 burpees Main set C 5 slam balls 5 push ups 6 […]

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Workout of the Day

Warm up: 3 rounds 30 calories on assault bike 1000 meter row Main Set A: 4 rounds of six reps per exercise at 85% Lunges Sit ups Squats Pushups Main set B 4 rounds of 6 reps per exercise at 85% Kettle bell swing TRX rows Kettle bell swing TRX single arm row Core set […]

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Help Puerto Rico !

Hello team, Puerto Rico needs our help! Please donate none perishable items such as food in a can, batteries, water, clothing …. whatever you have extra! Donate at Tri Peak Athlete, LLC Address: 617 Virginia Dr, Orlando, Florida this Saturday from 9 am – 12n Please forward the message to anyone you may know that […]

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