2012 New Year

What a great way to start the year!!!!  I hope you all have registered for your races and ready to start training. Giving your training the right structure over  the entire season is clearly one of the keys to having great races throughout the year.  Where to begin???? Have you schedule an appointment with the coach to discuss 2012?
Executing the perfect season starts with focused planning during the off season… off season is over…. time to train.
First and foremost, it is important  to have a very good idea of which races you will target in a season so that you can build your training to get great result in each high-priority race.  Please review the following races: 2012 Races
Schedule an appointment with the coach and bring a list of races you will like to do. After you select races, write down three major goals you will like to achieve this season.
1. _________________________________
2. __________________________________
When you select your races, remember you race to race well… not to finish. Then the coach will discuss with you major objectives of how to achieve your goals for 2012. You have one of the top Elite coaches in the nation, if he gives you a recommendation and a strategy plan… you must trust him. Sometimes, it is not want you want to hear. You can get angry, but you have to remember, the coach is there to look out what is best for you and allow you to be injury free. Many athletes don’t like what the coach has to say and look for a second opinion (another coach), they go with another coach and get themselves injured.
Therefore, the Head Coach is here to help you and get you to your peak performance. The coach only does 20% of the work and the athlete has to do 80% of the training. Therefore, it is up to you to do your training and show up to practice.
Save the Date: January 21, 2012 at 9 am – Tri Club Kick Off Meeting Link

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