Electrolyte Supplementation

Perhaps the single most important factor associated with sustaining a high level of athletic performance i maintenance of fluid balance during exercise. Despite this, mod athletes experience deterioration in hydration state (with a resultant drop n blood volume) during training and competition Studies demonstrate that, even in the presence of available fluids, athletes experience a degree of voluntary dehydration that has an inevitably negative impact on performance. Given heat and several environmental factors. Therefore, it is important to take electrolytes during training.

Benefits of Maintaining Fluid Balance

  • Attenuation of increased heart rate
  • Attenuation of increased core temperature
  • Improvement in stroke volume
  • Improvement in cardiac output
  • Improvement in skin blood flow
  • Attenuation of higher plasma sodium, osmolality, and adrenaline
  • Reduction in net muscle glycogen usage

Here are several supplements in which I recommend:

  • Gu Brew
  • Salt Sticks
  • Thermolyte
  • Endurolytes

You can find these at your local running, cycling or Sports Authority.

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