Running Test

McMillan Running Calculator 

Another test in which many coaches use the 10k field test. Items required: Heart rate monitor and GPS device.

Description: The athlete will provide resting heart rate in the early morning.  A 10km run at Threshold or RPE 8 – 10. The test will be as follows:

Run Test Time Description % of FTHR
Warm Up 10 min Easy run 70
4 x 30 sec Accelerators with 30 sec RI 85 – 95
5 min Easy run <70
Main Set 10k All-out effort >106
Cool Down: 10 – 15 min Easy run <70
Note: FTHR=Functional Threshold Heart Rate. N/A = Not Applicable

The athlete will run this at race effort… don’t hold back. During the test, make sure  the athlete is hydrated.  Each mile the athlete runs, the athlete must press the lap button.  When the athlete is done, make sure to stop their watch. Record your results as Max HR, AVG HR, Max Pace and Avg Pace per each mile. Collect the total time and visit: The coach will complete the form and their running paces will show up in the next page.  The coach will provide you with a copy of your performance pace sheet. Based upon these paces, the athlete will follow the coach’s training plan.

Testing is of no value unless the information gained is used to improve their training or confirm that they are training in a appropriate manner. Periodic assessment of race performance and fitness is a valuable tool for multi-sport athletes and can help the coach lean how to train the athlete for steady improvement.

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