Swim – Vasa Ergometer – Training with Power

The Vasa ergometer is best for building swim-specific endurance, interval training and race-pace workouts. It allows athletes to simulate swim strokes with variable wind resistance that can be adjusted to feel like a fast or slow current. You can vary the resistance, your stroke rate and your stroke power to fine tune each workout – from light, range of motion, rehab work to swim-set simulations to race intensity simulations to maximum power intervals. An electronic performance monitor that provides precise feedback for: time; distance; pace; stroke rate; right & left arm force; and watts. If one side is weaker than the other, the monitor displays it. It is ideal for doing repeatable training workouts, performance testing, or even indoor racing without getting wet. (Delistraty, Noble, & Wilkinson, 1990)

“The greatest benefit of the Vasa Ergometer is that it allows one to closely replicate the burn that your arms experience when you are in the water. By recording my power output, it was reaffirmed that my right arm was a bit weaker than my left. Had I known this a few years ago I could have prevented serious bouts of shoulder injury. The benefit the Ergometer gives in the ability to transfer sound stroke mechanics and race specific work into the swimming pool is invaluable. I am proud to say I use the Vasa Ergometer to compliment my training in the swimming pool.” – Roland Schoeman, Olympic Gold Medalist 

“A lot of busy triathletes don’t have the ability to get to the pool every day or every other day for that matter. So they can use the Vasa Ergometer either as a substitute or supplement to their normal pool time. And I’ve found as a coach, who has a number of athletes using this, that it’s just a fantastic tool. (It’s) so convenient, because you can go down into your basement, into your workout room, and get a great workout in a short period of time. It’s very similar to being in the pool…. I’ve seen my swim times basically improve with very little time spent actually in the water, which is fairly amazing, I believe.” – Coach Troy Jacobson, Creator of Spinervals, Runervals and Swimervals – The original indoor cycling, running and swimming workout video series.

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