Running Unnecessary Long Runs

Running Unnecessary Long Runs by Hector L TorresEscape2012-214

“Practice makes perfect”, how many times have you heard that. However, many people take that to heart and believe that when training for an Ironman they have to spend countless of hours on the run and even run a marathon before an Ironman.  However, they real quote must say, “Practice does not make perfect, Perfect practice makes perfect.”

These are unnecessary! Many athletes… especially triathletes… TYPE A… get pretty anxious with their long runs in an effort to remove their mental insecurity about being able to run the distance. They need to feel the self gratification and confidence that they can actually complete the distance. To the point that they will run 3.5 – 4 hours in a single morning session. Go ahead… run those long rungs (sarcastically speaking) let me know how you feel the couple of days after.

You will find yourself hurting than finding any kind of benefit. In addition, you will run into an injury, exhaustion or overtraining.  Then you will find that you will be held back into training and become a mental case.

Your form will start to deteriorate after two hours depending on your experience. Therefore, it is very important to work on your form especially for Ironman distance races. A good rule of thumb is never to schedule a long run to be more than 35 percent of the week’s total volume. Especially for a consistent marathon off the bike is the total weekly mileage.

Therefore, it is very important for you to listen to your coach on Wednesday’s and follow the specific running plan in place. Don’t try to deviate from the plan or try and be inventive. Trust your coach!!!

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