Dealing With Stress

Stress… your worst enemy!

As you all are aware, stress can be caused by many things, such as work, family, friends and training. Training? Why training? Exercise is stressed caused to the body… however, it is a good stress; moreover it can cause damage if done in excess.  There are so many fancy workouts and tools, all to make sure that we are able to apply as much training load as we thought we can handle. However, we can’t always think we are Superman OR Wonder Woman.  Many times I have told the athlete, “Take the day off or rest,” and then they give me this evil look if I was telling them they are going to “die or straight to hell.” I won’t lie, i will tell you if you are going to die if you don’t listen to your body and get yourself injured. (LOL)
When to walk away from a workout. 
You have been looking forward to a workout, a brick, long run, tempo ride; however, you realize you are not having a good day. Your coach, notices that you are not doing well and tell you to get out of the water or go home. However, many athletes who train by themselves have a hard time finding it to be a life and death decision. Especially if you are a Type A athlete, you start to Panic and start flipping out. You feel that this workout is essential for success for your race. The intent of the workout is to push on speed limiters and stress your system into adaptation, bur your body can’t travel very fast when it is dragging its feet or arms through Molasses.  Forging on does little more than interrupt the restorative process and dig a deeper hole of fatigue. Better to call it a day, give your body a chance to get its feet or arms out of Molasses and stress it on a different day. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead, because if you leave everything for the last minute…. you are preparing for failure.
Lets do the the math now, if your race is in November and you are freaking out. Don’t! Take it easy. Many people try to push more volume than your life logistics will allow. It can be a bitter bite to reality, but maybe you simply can’t be a high-volume athlete. It’s not your fault and may seem unfair, but if weekly training volume of 22 to 30 hours have you falling apart and your family are putting up flyers and posting your pictures in milk cartons for missing in action, then perhaps your goals would be better served through alternative measures. It will cause so much stress to your body and will take a huge tall on your body. It is very important you talk to your coach and be ready to listen and uphold what you may like/dislike from the conversation. Listen to your coach!
Key concepts that will help you relieve with stress.
  1. Nutrition – Fruits and Vegetables. Rule of thumb, 4 servings of fruit and four servings of vegetables every day. If you are eating out at Dexters or any other restaurant, make sure you make wise choices on your meals. Just because the name of the company says Tropical Smoothie or Planet Smoothie doesn’t mean everything is healthy.  (You know who you are)
  2. Fluid Intake – You should at lead try and drink half an ounce of fluid for each pound of body weight every day.
  3. Omega – 3: helps with inflammatory response.
  4. Sleep – Make sure you go to bed early and get some rest.
If you have any questions, feel free to talk to your coach.

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