2013 USAT National Board Representative – Susan Haag

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As I hope you are all aware, the 2013 USA Triathlon Natn and Regional Council Elections are before us. I urge that Your voice be heard and for you to take the time to vote.


One key component of this year’s election is the National Board representatives election. Of course our regional Councils are also electing members. The primary focus of the National Board Representative, is to represent the voice of all of annual  members and to grow and enhance the multisport lifestyle. This is done by promoting programming and Governing our sport, Nationally and Internationally,


In a surprising turn of events, when the Ballot for this election was released by USAT, we were all shocked and dismayed to find, that there are several, (4) Elite athletes running for a General Director National office seat. This has never happened before. Per USOC rules, for its NGB’s, the composition of its member Natn Board seats, must be 20% held by “ Elites. Otherwise referred to as , “ Athlete Members… code name for Elites or Pros. We have found that , in the current Bylaws of USAT, that there is now NO current provision that does not allow for an Elite/Athlete to run for a General Director seat. The General Director seats ( 8 in total ) have always been filled by people who come from and serve the Annual membership ranks.


This move is thus unprecedented and pits the entire structure , future and decision making process of USAT a great risk, as if elected , the Elites will gain control of the voting bloc of the Natn Board… having 7 votes out of the 12 total seats. The 12th seat is a non-voting “ Independent” Rep.


These current Elite candidates for 2013, have done little to nothing to grow our sport(s) for the rank and file 145,000 age group members. Their prime focus has been and will always be to advance the Elites position and programs in the sport. Do not be fooled by their platforms, which not surprisingly all seem to have been written in the same room or in concert with one another !!


I therefore, am advocating to all herein, to ask yourself, “Why will you elect an Elite Athlete for a coveted National Board seat, if they have not done anything meaningful for their respective regions and further, have not or ever, really interacted with  local regional governance, programming and activities??


Given this, can one really expect them to serve and represent your/our regional interests as a National Federation? Of course not.


Therefore, I encourage you, the heart and soul, as members of USAT, to be heard and vote where appropriate for YOUR current “Incumbent” Natn Board candidate as listed on the USAT ballot and Not to elect an Elite Athlete to the Natn Board.


As Members you may also visit https://www.directvote.net/usat/ and log in using their unique credentials


If you haven’t received Ballot email, contact: Amy Drown, USAT @… amy.drown@usatriathlon.org


OR Please contact USAT technical support, (available Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. CDT, excluding holidays) at, 952-974-2339 or emailsupport@directvote.net.


For other questions or to request a paper ballot please call 719-597-1013.


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