Morning Rush – Don’t Miss breakfast!

Morning Rush – If you are running late and need to grab quick bite, I highly recommend you to get something that will sate your hunger.  You can prepare this at work or while getting ready. Whole grain carbs like oatmeal can give your winter mood a much-needed boost. In a MIT study, researchers found that eating plenty of carbohydrates keeps serotonin levels up and can even prevent cravings for sweets. Refined carbs like doughnuts and white bread can be tempting winter comforts, but these foods will cause your blood sugar to quickly spike then plummet, leaving you in worse spirits than you were before. To stay happy and healthy, opt for whole grains instead.


Quakers Weight Control – 7 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber

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One Comment on “Morning Rush – Don’t Miss breakfast!”

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