USAT Elections – 3 days left!

Why is your vote important?

It’s time to vote! The General Director for the National USAT Board will represent our region’s age-groupers, youth, paratriathletes, coaches, race directors, officials, etc. for the next four years.   The Florida candidates are Susan Haag (Age Group athlete) and Jarrod Shoemaker (Elite).

The USAT Board has eight General Directors who are elected by our regions, three Athlete Directors reserved for Elites – and elected by Elites only – and one Independent Director.   However, this year Elites are running for General Director seats.  We want our Elite athletes represented on the Board, and they are.  But we also want to ensure that the “rest of us” are fully represented by someone who puts the general members first.  Elite athletes are (and should be) focused on themselves, particularly those who are still actively competing worldwide and receiving funds from USAT – to travel, train and race – while they pursue personal sponsorships , rankings and medals.

The Florida General Director must be able to make the time commitment to serve on the board, represent the general membership, and be willing to put the general members’ interests and objectives ahead of their own!  A Board member needs to invest 10-20 hours a week in USAT business, attend 12-16 Board Meetings annually, and participate in regular USAT committee meetings in between.  They should also be attending regional races/events on behalf of USAT and their constituents.  For all the reasons listed above, we recommend that you vote for a proven Age Grouper – Susan Haag.

Information on each candidate, as well as proposed by-law amendments, is available online by clicking on this link:

Please vote now!

 Please VOTE NOW!  The deadline is Thursday, February 20th at 11:59 p.m. CST.  Regardless of whether or not you voted previously, we are requesting that, as a USAT member on Aug 22, 2013, you participate in the re-vote.
TO CAST YOUR VOTE, please click the following link (or copy and paste the URL directly into your browser).
To vote you will need your USAT member number and Election Passcode which should have been emailed to you between January 21st and 23rd from “USA Triathlon Election Coordinator” with the subject “Important Election Re-Vote Instructions.”

Information on each candidate and by-law proposal is available on the online ballot, or by clicking this link:

For technical support (available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. CST, excluding holidays) call 952-974-2339 or email For other questions, or to request a paper ballot, please call 719-955-6020 or email

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