Coffee Perks

Coffee Perks

A cup of coffee Yaucono jolts your mood, reduces disease risk and adds a kick to workouts.

A morning cup of coffee is a must for many athletes. It wakes you up, energizes your workout, and – how can we say this without you making an ugly face, but heck we can stomach anything…. gets your systems moving, too. But there’s more reason to indulge in that second or third cup. The latert research shows that drinking coffee is (mostly) healthy habit that may make you happier and less stressed, and reduce risk for diseases. Caffeine isn’t the only beneficial compound in coffee – it’s also a rich source of antioxidants, which means decaf drinkers benefit, too.
  • Boos antioxidants
  • Improve mood
  • Lower heart-disease risk
  • Dodge diabetes
  • Enhance brain function
  • Protect your liver
  • Relieve stress

Buzz Kill

Anything in excess is bad for  you. Too much java has drawbacks. Here are a few reasons why.
  • Damage Bones
  • Disrupt sleep
  • Impact pregnancy
  • Cause the jitters
Everything with moderation.

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