What is your excuse!

There are only a few weeks until the start of summer, and it’s a great time to cement an exercise habit you can maintain for a lifetime. Unfortunately, real life often intrudes into the best intentions, and before you know it, one skipped workout turns into two, and three…and you’ve dropped your new routine entirely. Here are some of the excuses we all use to avoid exercising, and why they won’t fly.

  1. I’m too busy – Yes, schedules are busy…but if something is a priority (the finale of the Amazing Race, for example), you will make time for it. So make time for exercise. Try scheduling it into your IPAD or datebook the same way you plan meetings or other commitments. For time-saving strategies, including interval training and gym shortcuts…
  2. I’m too old – No, you aren’t! Almost no one is too old or too frail to work out. Exercise can help stave off sarcopenia or muscle loss, and prevent falls.
  3. I hate going alone. You don’t have to. Find an exercise buddy, and you’ll be spurred to work harder, not to mention motivated to simply show up. We have group sessions you can participate.
  4. My kids get in the way! – Work around your kids’ schedule as best you can; waking up before they do may not sound appealing, but many parents say it’s the only time they can be sure to get in an uninterrupted workout and some much-needed alone time. Alternatively, work out with your kids—try hiking, walking, biking, or playing an outdoor game.
  5. My back hurts! – Rather than taking to your bed, get moving. Regular activity is a primo way to treat and prevent common lower back pain. Talk with your doctor, therapist or coach.
  6. I’m too fat! – As with age, extra pounds are rarely an excuse for not exercising. Just be sure to start gradually—walking, swimming, biking, or other exercises that don’t involve a lot of pounding are great. And all of us, not just the overweight, need to remember that exercising is not a free pass to eat a lot more.

Therefore, no more excuses. Your health depends on it!

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