Go to Bed!

Go to Bed!

The average american will sleep 5- 6 hours a day. However, when we are training and want to improve our performance we need to take quality time in our sleep.  Catch more quality sleep  can make you stronger.

Countless time, I will check Facebook during the morning and I see the following postings:

“Long day at work. Still pushed through and got up at made practice at 5 am. Then had to go to work. What a rough day!”

“Went on a date last night and didn’t get enough sleep. Stayed in bed for an extra hour and skipped my workout.”

You might feel unstoppable because you were able to push through fatigue and suspect that everyone else is a slacker. Recent research suggests that just one night of bad rest can have an impact (albeit largely psychological) on your performance. When you keep on robbing from the bank of sleep, your quality of training will decrease and you will get injured.  Being sleep-deprived doesn’t just make you tired, but also jittery, achy, and injury -prone.

As many of your training is done in the morning, make sure you get quality sleep in. If you need to sleep in… do it. However, take responsibility and go to bed earlier!!!!!

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