Anxiety during the swim!

Walking into a swim start, I have seen countless faces of fear on peoples faces, to the point that their goggles start filling up with tears and they start shaking. Suddenly the gun goes off and they are in the water. The start gasping for air and start doing breaststroke during the entire swim. 

How to over come this common fear? Countless of times I have take athletes through worst circumstances during training so when race day arrives, there shouldn’t be any doubt on their performance. However, many athletes don’t want to do certain workouts and prefer to do their own thing and expect miraculous results. The end result… DNF!

These are a few key pointers that could help you get a hold of your anxiety and finish the swim. Have a secret tool box! In your tool box you will want to have three key pointers that will allow you to reset yourself during the swim.

  1. Drills: Emphasize on a drill that will allow you to keep up float, for example that Catch-up Drill.
  2. Breaststroke: Take 4 – 6 breaststrokes so you can gather your thoughts and look for the buoy. Do not stop at all… keep moving forward. The moment you stop, your body will become vertical and you will start to waste energy to keep your head out of the water.
  3. Breath: Breath every three strokes. Don’t take a breath every stroke or go 4 – 6 strokes and then breath. You want to have a rhythm, during the swim. Once you find your confidence and build your swim, you will find that your secret tool box with dissipate.

Therefore, keep on practicing and keep moving forward.


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