Hell Week – Overcome Fear

Hell Week – Overcome Fear

Everything you want out of life is on the other side of fear – Joe Donnelly

Fear is the most powerful and dominating of all our emotions. Fear will drive us in one of two directions: it will either drive us to our knees in crippling submission, or it will drive us to endure against all odds. In our moments of greatest peril, it will reveal a strength and indomitable will that we had no idea we possessed – a revelation that will forever alter the course of our lives. 

Fear is something that is unique to each individual. It is not tangible and lives solely within our minds. Fear is self imposed. Thusly, fear can be controlled. Fear, like pain, is not a true state but rather one of implication. When on’s fear is recognized, it needs to immediately be addressed and driven to its surrender. 

As athletes, within the multi-sport lifestyle, have common fears of failures, pain, and how people ‘see’ us. Our fear of pain, our fear of discomfort, is what drives us to quit long before the body has waved its white flag. Our weak mental state places these pathetic subjective limits upon ourselves, allowing us to go through life treading water far below our actual potential. 

 I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and urge to to turn a deaf ear to the voices in your mind screaming for you to yield as fatigue and pain do their very best to place feeble limitations on your willing and able body. Do no let fatigue make you into a coward; do not let a lack of will define your existence. 

Therefore, lets get ready to rumble for this week. 

  • Fitness for Men – September 2014

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