Getting ready for your long runs during Ironman training – Hector L Torres

During triathlon training, especially during Ironman training, it is very important to prepare yourselves for your long day of trainings. You have to think your body as your engine aka “motor”.  During your training you have been spending time on your feet; which leads into increasing aerobic capacity by building muscles enzymes, capillaries that deliver blood to muscles and mitochondria (motor of the cell). Long runs are the benchmark and confident booster of your training. Therefore, it is always good to have a routine leading into your run.

For example,

Wake Up

Wake up two hours prior, have some oatmeal with one tsp of peanut butter or almond butter. Consume 15 – 20 oz of water with electrolytes. Make sure you go to the bathroom.

20 min before 

Go through your mental checklist, such as:

  • body glide
  • nutrition
    • gels
    • electrolytes
    • Road ID
  • Water and or water stops

Start of the run

  • Follow your long run strategy. Make sure you follow what the coach has prescribed for you to do.  No matter what is your personal record or how eager you are on to get to the finish line, rein in your pace during the early miles. We will want to negative split your run.


  • Based upon your weight and speed, you will have to calculate how many calories you will need to intake during your run. You may take a gel or salt tablet every 15 min or every 30 min.

Foam Roll and Stretch

  • Take time at least 15 min to stretch while your muscles are still warm.  Also, spend time with your foam roller. If you have access to some NormaTec Recovery boots, make sure you take 30 – 40 min at Moderate intensity and relax.

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