Don’t eat the Holidays!

Don’t eat the holidays! – by Hector L Torres

During the holidays many get consumed with the parties and events, especially when they are serving food. Some, will go after work and go say to themselves, “I will have a small snack and thats about it.” However, when the time comes, you have inhaled everything in site. Then your emotions kick-in such as:
  • remorse
  • guilty
  • sadness
  • depressed
  • bloated
  • angry
  • bored
  • lonely
  • sleepy

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Then you starting eating your emotions and then the cycle begins again. Especially, if you were training for a long distance race and took December off, you were accustomed on eating much more during training. However, you can’t do that now cause you will pack up the pounds you were so eager to lose.

Therefore, here are a 8 Recommendations for the Holiday Parties:

#1 Record what you eat – Researchers have found that when people are asked to keep an eye on what they eat, they almost always begin to lose weight – even if they didn’t intend to slim.

So, keeping a record of all food and drinks over the next few weeks could really help you avoid weight gain, and help you eat healthier as well.

#2 Plan your meals – Try to plan your meals and snacks ahead of time throughout the holiday season.

So, for example if you had an office party later in the evening, eat regularly throughout the day, but cut back on calories by perhaps having a salad for lunch. This way you won’t arrive at the party completely famished, but you’ll still have a few extra calories for the foods you enjoy.

Also, don’t eat simply because food is presented to you, and don’t waste calories on food you don’t really enjoy.

#3 Focus on healthy portion sizes
It is possible to eat your favourite foods and still lose weight – you just need to keep your portion size in check.

So, at the dinner table fill half of your plate with vegetables or salad, then allow one quarter for meat, and one quarter for carbohydrate foods. A fruit based appetizer or dessert will ensure the meal is well balanced.

#4 Eat slowly – By taking time to savour your food you’ll feel much more satisfied at the end. Eating slowly also gives your stomach time to signal that it’s full, therefore helping to prevent overeating.

#5 Limit your alcohol intake – Alcohol can be very high in calories, so try to limit your intake, drink plenty of water between drinks, and add diet tonics or soft drinks as mixers.

#6 Carry healthy snacks – Keep a ready supply of healthy snacks on hand when you’re at the office or away from home. This will help to satisfy any cravings, and keep your energy levels up. Easy to transport snacks include fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit.

#7 Be positive

#8 Make fitness your priority 

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