2018 Training Education Camps – 10 USAT CEU’s


Orlando, FL  – February 7 – 11, 2018

Reserve your place for our upcoming Triathlon Elite Breakthrough Training Camp in Orlando, FL.usatsanctioned

Join Tri Peak Athlete,LLC Elite Coach Hector Torres and other elite coaches for individual advice on your swim, bike and run. A unique opportunity to escape the winter cold for some training in the sunshine state, while implementing Tri Peak Athlete, LLC philosophy to improve your performance. The camp will feature lectures, rides, runs, along with some open water swimming and pool swimming. USA Triathlon Coaches will receive 10 USAT CEU’s!10 CEUs

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Cost: $199

Tentative Schedule:

February 7, 2018 Session Description Location
6:00 pm Team Dinner Training Review and Expectations TBA
February 8, 2018
5:30 am Swim / Video  – Pool 1 hour 30 min  International Dr
10:00 am Group Ride   2 hour / 30 min run Lake Minneola, Clermont, FL
2:00 pm Swim Lecture   90 min Tri Peak Athlete, LLC
3:30 pm Build Your Bike Power 1:30 hour Tri Peak Athlete, LLC
February 10, 2017
7:30 am Open Water Swim 1:30 hr Lucky’s Lake Swim
10:00 am Run / Recording – Hill Repeats 1 hour 15 Clay Road 
2 pm Writing Schedules- Lecture 1 hour 15 min Tri Peak Athlete, LLC
4:00 pm Athlete Screenings – Lecture 1 hour 15 min Tri Peak Athlete, LLC
February 11, 2017
7:00 am Group Ride – Tempo 2 hour / 30 min run Clermont, FL
11 pm Running with Power 1 hour Tri Peak Athlete, LLC
12 pm Nutrition Clinic 1 hour 15 min Tri Peak Athlete, LLC

 *No Refunds or Transfers

Course Descriptions: 

Swim Lecture 

Reach, catch, drive and recover all are part of a swimming stroke. However, putting it all together and being efficient in the water is key to be a successful triathlete. Learn new coaching strategies and techniques to help your athlete succeed. This will be a hands on clinic and lecture. Duration: 90 min

Building your Power on the Bike

Make each pedal strikeout count. As many athletes have little time to train and weather also becomes an inconvenience, how can we maximize their time in training. What new strategies are in place to allow the athlete improve their cycling performance? This will be a hands-on clinic and lecture.

Training with Power on the Run

Using power to train and race has been used in cycling for decades. Within the last two years, the latest technology has developed a power meter for running. Using this data the athlete can start to optimize their daily training and racing performance. The athlete can also optimize their running economy by changing their running form and evaluate more precisely the impact on the energy cost. This will be a hands on clinic and lecture. Duration: 90 min

Athlete Screenings

When working with a new athlete or recurring athletes it is very important to establish baselines such as Functional Movement Screening, Posture Analysis, Heart Rate, Paces, Power Zones and strength limiters. Research the latest methods and find what fits your philosophy. This will be a hands on clinic and lecture. Duration: 90 min

Writing Schedules

How long, how hard, how fast and how often are questions that many coaches ask themselves when writing schedules for their athletes. Every single athlete is different and every program should be different. Therefore, establishing the format on writing workouts with the correct work to rest ration is key to allow the athlete to adapt to their training and succeed. Research the latest journals and methods to adapt to your philosophy. This will be a hold on clinic and lecture. Duration: 100 min

Nutrition Clinic

When to eat, what to eat and how often are key questions that athlete ask themselves while training and racing. Nutrition is a key element for the success of an athlete. However, what products are out there for athletes to use? Review and establish what you can use while training and racing. This will be a hands on clinic and lecture. Duration: 90 min

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