Achieving your dream!

I can say that within the 14 years I have been coaching, I feel very blessed. This past week I saw many athletes go from Zero to Hero. People who doubted themselves and didn’t think it was possible to achieve a dream as completing a 70.3. However, I always believe that once you plant a seed and care for the seed, you can make a tiny seed grow into a strong and powerful tree.

I coached a group of athletes towards IM 70.3 St George this past weekend. A few athletes I have been coaching for months, but there were a couple of few that  came to me within two – three months of the race. It’s Game time, I told them.

I took them through their training and made them as ready as possible. With great pleasure I can say, they all crossed the finish line with a huge grin on there face! Anything is possible when you set the time, commitment and dedication!

However, there is a lesson to be learned… your first race is an accomplishment, but one you step o into this world, you need to perfect your craft. I am alywas learning as a coach and I want my athlete to do the same. That is why I challenge them each time to be their best in any challenge in life. Congratulations to the entire GoBundance Team! I am very proud of all of you!

Set the schedule aside:

  • Training Camp – September 2017 – TBA
  • North Carolina 70.3 – October 21, 2017

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