Month: September 2017

Frisky – Friday

Warm up 1 mile easy Dynamic warm up 3 round of 5 reps of I-Y-T Main set A 6 rounds 10 squats 5 TRX rows 10 pike jumps Main set B EMOM – every minute on the minute for 6 rounds 10 thrusters 5… Continue Reading “Frisky – Friday”

Workout of the Day

Warm up: 3 rounds 30 calories on assault bike 1000 meter row Main Set A: 4 rounds of six reps per exercise at 85% Lunges Sit ups Squats Pushups Main set B 4 rounds of 6 reps per exercise at 85% Kettle bell swing… Continue Reading “Workout of the Day”

Help Puerto Rico !

Hello team, Puerto Rico needs our help! Please donate none perishable items such as food in a can, batteries, water, clothing …. whatever you have extra! Donate at Tri Peak Athlete, LLC Address: 617 Virginia Dr, Orlando, Florida this Saturday from 9 am –… Continue Reading “Help Puerto Rico !”

Tuesday – Slam Jam

Warm up: 10 min easy jog Dynamic Warm up 4 rounds 10 jumping jacks 10 high knees 10 lunges total 10 squats Main set A 5 rounds 12 TRX Rows 10 push press 12 kettle bell swings 200 meters Main set B 5 rounds… Continue Reading “Tuesday – Slam Jam”

Monday – Wake up

Warm up: 1 mile Dynamic Warm-up Reverse lunges with torso twist World Greatest Stretch 10 walk out push-ups with a squat Main Set A: AMRAP – 15min at 85% 10 Wall Balls 10 Sandbag lunges 5 push ups 200 meters Main Set B – For… Continue Reading “Monday – Wake up”



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