Month: November 2017

Thursday – High/Low

Warm up: 30 calories Dynamic Warm up: 10 walking lunges 8 knees to chest 8 ankle grabs Main Set: Please have heart rate monitor. You will be going Anaerobic and Aerobic within each set. 4 rounds Set 1: 1 min of Battle Rope Ripples… Continue Reading “Thursday – High/Low”

Snatchy Snatch – Wednesday

Warm up 30 calories on assault bike or tower Dynamic warmup with bands 2 rounds 10 Shoulder raises 10 Squats 10 Lunges Main set 6 rounds 25 sec recover after all three 40 battle ropes ripples 15 kettle bell swings 10 wall balls 6… Continue Reading “Snatchy Snatch – Wednesday”

Tuesday – Fat Burner

Fat Burner Warm up 1 mile easy run Dynamic stretching and muscle activators 6 Lunges twist per side 6 squats 6 worlds greatest stretch Main set 4 sets of each super set. Take one min recover in between each triple super set Triple super… Continue Reading “Tuesday – Fat Burner”



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