Month: March 2020

How to Store your Asparagus!

Video link: Learn how to store your asaparagus in the freezer by blanching them. step by step. Make sure you scubscibe to my channel for workout videos and cooking tips!http://www.cfltriclub.com swim bike run lgbt triathlontraining ironman

Coronavirus Day 3 – At home workout (Chest/Biceps/Abs)

Link for video: At home workout. Items you may need: Dumbbells Stability ball mat resistance band water great attitude.For more information or one on one coaching contact Hector L Torres at or visit Special Thank to Mindy Grieb for helping me… Continue Reading “Coronavirus Day 3 – At home workout (Chest/Biceps/Abs)”

Coronavirus Day 2 – At Home Workout

Items you may need: Jump rope (if you don’t have a jump rope you can run in place or do jumping jacks.) mat towel great attitude

Coronavirus Day 1 – At Home Workout

Link to Video:

Ab Routine

Super Set 4 x 15 reps with 30 sec recovery

2020 Triathlon Coaching Education Training Camp

Reserve your place for our upcoming Coaching Education / Training Camp! Only 20 spots available! Coaches will take the opportunity to earn up to 10 USAT Continuing Education Credits. Learn the latest research on multi-sport coaching education and hands on training. Bring your training… Continue Reading “2020 Triathlon Coaching Education Training Camp”



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