Quarantine Challenge Tuesday – 4/14/2020

Warm up:

3 rounds

⁃ 200 meter jog

⁃ 10 walk out pushups with a squat

⁃ 10 Superman’s

⁃ 10 high knees

Glute Activation with band

3 rounds of 15 reps

⁃ Glute Bridges

⁃ Kick backs

⁃ Fire hydrants

Main Set A

4 x

⁃ 10 sand bag or dumbbell drag in push-up position add a push up after the drag from each side

⁃ 10 lat pull with band

⁃ 10 jack knives

4 x

⁃ 10 renegade rows

⁃ 10 push ups

⁃ 15 pull ups or band pull ups

⁃ 15 Russian twist

4 x

⁃ 10 dips

⁃ 20 mountain climbers

⁃ 10 pike push ups

⁃ 10 plank up up down down

Cool down:

Foam roll and stretch

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