Quarantine Challenge Thursday

Warm up:

3 rounds of:

⁃ 200 meters or 1 minute of jump rope or jumping jacks

⁃ 20 high knees

⁃ 10 air squats

⁃ 10 hand release push ups

⁃ 10 knees to elbow


⁃ 10 side to side lunge ( body weight)

⁃ 5 inch work (walk out push up)

⁃ 10 standing leg circles – outward and inward

⁃ 5 Runners lunge ceiling reach

Main Set

50/40/30/20/10 reps

⁃ Glute bridges – weighted

⁃ Step ups

⁃ Dips

⁃ Sit ups

12 minutes – EMOM – Every minute on the minute

Max reps (count them and set your score)

⁃ Fist minute – 1 squat/1 half squat / 1 jump squat – repeat

⁃ Second minute -push ups

⁃ Third minute- 2 lunges/ 2 jumping lunges

⁃ Fourth minute – 1 min recovery

Core TABATA 30 sec of work/ 15 sec recovery

3 rounds

⁃ Reverse curls

⁃ Russian twist

⁃ Ankle taps

⁃ Side plank raises – Left

⁃ Side plank raises – right

Cools down: foam roll and stretch

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