Month: April 2020

Morning sessions

Quarantine Challenge Monday

Warm Up Set A 4 rounds 10 calories or 25 Jumping Jacks 5 burpees without a push up 10 step ups per leg 10 squat air squats Set B 3 Rounds 10 calories or 25 jumping jacks 10 dumbbell rows 10 push ups  10… Continue Reading “Quarantine Challenge Monday”

Quarantine Challenge Friday

Friday Workout Warm up 3 rounds 200 meter jog or 2 min run in place 8 Push up Dumbbell drag – From a push up position grab a weighted device and move it from one side to the other side and then do a… Continue Reading “Quarantine Challenge Friday”

Quarantine Challenge Thursday

Warm Up 3 rounds 20 Mountain Climbers 10 Glute Bridges 10 Push ups AMRAP – 20 min (As many reps as possible) 5 Glute Bridges 10 Squats 10 Single Arm Row – L 10 Single Arm Row – R 10 Jump Squats 200 meter… Continue Reading “Quarantine Challenge Thursday”

Butt Blaster workout

Zoom ID: 575-784-745

Quarantine Challenge – Wednesday

Warm Up  3 Rounds: 40 Jumping Jacks 10 Alternating Lunges on each side 5 burpees  Main Set:  4 Rounds 15 Spiderman Push ups (Knees to elbow when you go down) 20 Side Plank Raises  20 Low Plank Hip Tap Side to side 10 Push… Continue Reading “Quarantine Challenge – Wednesday”



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