Month: June 2020

Injuries suck – Part 2

Attitude is everything! by Michael Fitz Patrick Oh no! That nagging little twinge you thought was no big deal (probably kept it a secret from your coach too…tsk, tsk) has suddenly blown up and halted your training during the peak of a big build… Continue Reading “Injuries suck – Part 2”

Thursday: Bike Trainer / Vr

Join us tomorrow morning in at Tri Peak Athlete or from your home for an Active Recovery ride! Start time: 5:30 am Zoom ID: 876-0321-0273 Follow / Tag us at @tripeakathlete If you are interested in learning more about Tri Peak Athlete, LLC Coaching,… Continue Reading “Thursday: Bike Trainer / Vr”

Weekly Virtual Sessions

Morning Sessions Monday – 9 am (Strength Training) Wednesday- 9 am (Strength Training ) Friday – 9 am (Yoga) Afternoon Sessions Monday – Friday (Strength Training) 5:30 pm Zoom ID: 876-0321-0273

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