Swim Workout: Technique Drills


Warm up: Dry land band exercises:

4 x 20 reps of

⁃ Freestyle

⁃ Breaststroke

⁃ Butterfly

Warm up:

⁃ 2 x 150 free – focus on distance per stroke (DPS) with 15 sec recovery

Kick Set:

⁃ 4 x 75 as Side to Side kick with one arm extended in front of you. You can use a snorkel. With 15 sec recovery

⁃ 4 x 50 kick with board with 15 sec recover. Start easy and then finish strong.

Drill Set:

⁃ 2 rounds of: 4 x 50 Drill set with 20 sec recovery.

⁃ 50 right arm

⁃ 50 left arm

⁃ 25 right arm / 25 left arm

⁃ 25 Tarzan drill / 25 free


Single arm drill: When doing the single arm drill, you will use a board and with the arm that you are using you want to make sure that the Hand enters slightly in the middle of the board and extend your hand under/passing the board. This will emphasize on your extension, body rotation and catch.

Tarzan drill: when doing the Tarzan drill you’ll be swimming with your head above the water. Make sure that you’re looking for the entire time and that your head is not moving from side to side.

Swim set:

6 x 50 free at 85% with 15 sec recovery

100 easy free

4 x 25 free fast with 20 sec recovery. (Note: your body could be tired after doing all the drill work, don’t get sloppy and emphasize on your form when going fast. I don’t want you flaring your arms like a maniac, make each stroke count)

Pull set:

⁃ 4 x 75 pull buoy and paddles with 15 sec recovery

Cool down:

⁃ 200 choice

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