Cycling Tops

Hi team,

I’m currently making the cycling tops for the athletes who are currently riding with us. I want the entire team and matching. So, I’m tired of waiting for the company to send us our stuff from China. So ,if you want one of these cycling tops please let me know and follow the next steps.


Color: Only Black

Follow these instructions

1. Ordered at Amazon. Enclose you find the link.

2. Make sure you send it to my attention Hector Torres and my address you can send it directly from Amazon.

3. In the gift box section of Amazon, please include your name and last name.


BALEAF Womens Cycling Jersey Bike Shirts Short Sleeve with Pockets Bicycle Biking Tops Breathable Summer UPF

by Baleaf Sports

Learn more:


BALEAF Men’s Cycling Jersey Biking Shirts 4 Rear Pockets Short Sleeve Wicking Bike Tops

More information:


Order and Mail it to: Hector L Torres – 3314 Pelham Rd. Orlando, FL 32803 (Place the order, no later than November 14, 2021) – Please include your name in the gift box

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