2023 St George Cycling and Running Camp

Embrace the gorgeous terrain of St. George and embrace the beautiful mountains. If you are an avid cyclist and runner take advantage of this amazing opportunity to this amazing four day training camp in St. George. Our USA Triathlon Level 3 Coach – Hector Torres and his coaches will take you through an educated training series of rides, runs and lectures in this beautiful Oasis.



Run Gait Analysis – Lecture and hands-on

From barefoot running to purchasing insoles for your running shoes. What do wee need to to do perfect our running stride. During this lecture we will be going over your form during your run, such as foot strike, leg turnover and proper lean. You will be filmed and analyzed. Then we will break down your form and teach you drills on how to correct your running form.

Building your Power on the Bike – Lecture and hands on

Make each pedal strikeout count. As many athletes have little time to train and weather also becomes an inconvenience, how can we maximize their time in training. What new strategies are in place to allow the athlete improve their cycling performance? This will be a hands-on clinic and lecture.

Nutrition Clinic – Pre / During / Post / Daily – Lecture

When to eat, what to eat and how often are key questions that athlete ask themselves while training and racing. Nutrition is a key element for the success of an athlete. However, what products are out there for athletes to use? Review and establish what you can use while training and racing. This will be a hands on clinic and lecture. Duration: 90 min


Accommodations are not included. Lunch will be provided on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If you have any dietary need, please let us now.

HUB: 791 W. Monteverde Cr. Washington, UT – Training rides, lectures will be held at this location.

Hotel nearby: Springhill Suites by Marriott St George.

Airports nearby: St George Regional Airport and Las Vegas, NV (90 min drive)

Equipment: Bike and run gear. Athelte must provide their own bike card cycling equipment. I want you to come prepared to train and work hard.

Extra Services:

Bike Mechanic: We might have a bike mechanic on staff and a massage. We will keep you posted.

  • Bike Mechanic
  • Massage

Cost per clinic:

  • Tier 1: $400 registration fee prior till October 15, 2022
  • Tier 2: $450 registration fee till November 15, 2022
  • Tier 3: $500 registration fee till December 15, 2022
  • Tier 4: $550 registration feel till March 1, 2023

USAT Sanctioned Event

Cancelation Policy – There are NO REFUNDS. You can transfer to another participant.

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