Why you should go slower to get faster when running

“My Coach is telling me to slow down!” – Athlete

Going slower to get faster may sound counterintuitive when it comes to running, but slowing down can actually be one of the best ways to increase your speed. It forces you to work smarter and focus on the form and technique of your run. Not only will this maximize efficiency, it will also help you regulate your heart rate so that energy is expended evenly and in a measured way. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming faster, start taking smaller strides at lower speeds until you find a comfortable level that still utilizes proper form and pacing. That way, your heart rate won’t peak too early and you’ll have enough energy left later on when all out effort is required. Going slower can result in much faster times over all!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In addition to the physical benefits of running slower, there are also mental ones. Taking a more measured approach allows you to focus more on what your body is doing, allowing for corrections and adjustments that can improve technique in the long run. It can also help with motivation; setting reasonable goals for each session makes it easier to stay motivated and consistent. Ultimately, these smaller strides at lower speeds will build up to significantly faster times over extended periods of time than if you had just gone all out from the beginning.

So next time you lace up your sneakers to hit the track or trails, remember: go slow to get fast! With some patience and dedication, you’ll be surprised by just how much progress you make.

Start training today.

Hector L Torres

USA Triathlon Coach Level 3  / USAC Lv 2 / USAS / USATF & MS Training Peaks University Lv 1

Tri Peak Athlete, LLC 1700 S. Bumby Ave. Orlando, FL 32806

Cell: 321-443-0073

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