Assistant Coach Dan Grieb

Coaching Bio

Dan Grieb has been a student of human performance for over 20 years. Dan is master certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming.  Dan specializes in the mental side of racing and life. Dan is known for his iron will and his heart for people. In the last five years,Dan has completed 15 Iron distance races, 5 full ironman, and 10 half ironman. He has completed the Disney Marathon, Dopey Challenge, OUC Half Marathon, has done ocean marathons, and traveled the world racing and traveling. Through his experiences, he has come to believe that life imitates sports and sports imitate life. The stronger you build your athletic constitution, the stronger the rest of your constitution grows. Dan is a certified leadership coach under John Maxwell.

Dan’s coaching style is known to be very intense but with a huge focus on building and developing relationships with the people he coaches. In addition to coaching athletes, Dan has a successful real estate career and is a business coach. The intensity he brings to all aspects of his life is grounded in the principle of people over profit because Dan has a huge heart for people. 

One of Dan’s life highlights has been the journey he started in 2019, when he started training a young man with Down Syndrome. Dan was the first person to lead a person with down syndrome to do an olympic distance triathlon, a half Ironman and will lead him through the full Ironman in the future. It has not always been an easy journey but one that has changed his life forever and taught him life lessons that he will carry with him and apply to his future coaching, professional and personal relationships. 

Dan has learned the Torres System of Coaching and has grown as an athlete and coach, while serving as Assistant Coach to Hector Torres. Dan is a loving husband and proud father to two remarkable young men. Dan’s influence and leadership skills combined with his desire to help others and impact lives, makes him an ideal coach to work with. 



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