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Coaching Philosophy

Progress in sport is a personal journey, and much like life, we will experience a series of highs and lows as we push towards our goals. Having a coach to guide me through these successes and setbacks has been paramount to my athletic accomplishments, as well as the physical and psychological rollercoaster I’ve endured along my path.

To that end, I came into coaching to give back – to guide other athletes seeking a transformative experience. The growth process seems simple as we follow a plan to build physical strength and endurance gradually, but the path isn’t always clear and hardly ever smooth. If training is too simple and easy, it becomes boring. If it is still difficult, we’d probably soon quit. So we look to our coaches to help us navigate this continuously bumpy, albeit fun and exciting sport.

My coaching philosophy is to approach each athlete as not only an athlete with personal goals, and drive, and all the other remarkable attributes of an athlete. We are each unique humans, complete with health histories, emotional baggage, body image issues, etc. You are unique, but you are not alone. As a coach, I bring my life experiences, both athletically and personally, to better help me understand the needs of my athletes as they go through their athletic journey. 

At Tri Peak Athlete LLC, we follow a holistic approach to training to offer each athlete opportunities to grow not only in the physical and mental self but also within a supportive community of fellowship. My approach to coaching aligns with the values you’ll find within the Tri Peak Athlete community as a whole, and this extends to those athletes coached locally and remotely. 


Michael FitzPatrick, or Coach Fitz, is an accomplished endurance athlete with a lifetime of experience. As a young soccer player, he realized his love for running went far beyond chasing a ball up and down a field. 

At Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, MA, he quickly proved himself a top contender in Cross-country as well as Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field, running away with countless top finishes and 11 total Varsity letters. He was team co-captain his senior year of Cross-country as well as a two-time recipient of the Coach’s Award for his merits.

Fitz’s next stop was Ithaca College, where he earned a BS in Communications, all while racing on the Varsity squad from his first steps on campus. 

After a 10-year, post-collegiate reprieve from racing, Fitz began his return to competition. He joined a local run club, hired a coach, and immersed himself again in the sport of running. His determination led him to qualify for five consecutive Boston Marathons and finishing twice in the top 1% of the field.

Most athletes would be satisfied at this point, but Fitz needed more – a new challenge was about to present itself. 

“You’re not built for Ironman.”

That statement, once spoken to Fitz, has since echoed as a driving force throughout his time as a triathlete. However, he will admit that it hasn’t been a smooth transition, especially in the beginning, when swimming just 25 yards without choking on chlorine was impossible. We all had to start somewhere.

Under the careful guidance of Coach Hector Torres, Fitz has since risen again to be a top contender – in a sport he wasn’t “built for.” He is proof that we can become whatever we put our minds to, as long as we are patient with our bodies and follow the plan.

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