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2021 CFL Tri Club Kick Off Meeting

2021 CFL Tri Club Kick OffDate: January 16, 2021Time: 3 pmLocation: Tri Peak Athlete or via zoom.Address:617 Virginia DrOrlando, Fl 32803 Meet the coaches and connect with other fellow triathletes. The CFL Tri club is one of the oldest and largest triathlon clubs in… Continue Reading “2021 CFL Tri Club Kick Off Meeting”

Build Your Back!

Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite back routines! Warm up: 10 min cardio on Rower/erg Foam Roll Dynamic Warm up: 5 TRX – I Y T (If you don’t have battle ropes you can do military jumping jacks) Main Set… Continue Reading “Build Your Back!”

Swim – Muscular Endurance

Become a strong swimmer. One of my favorite workouts! Enjoy! Warm up 200 free 200 kick side to side (6 kicks / 3 strokes/ 6 kicks 3 strokes) with fins 6 x 50 build (gradually build your pace) with 15 seconds recovery 6 x… Continue Reading “Swim – Muscular Endurance”

Rest and Recovery by Coach Torres

During this pandemic, our outlet to cope can be going for a run, hitting the gym, keeping ourselves active, and registering for every single virtual race that pops in our email. We are excited we are doing all these races; however, our body doesn’t… Continue Reading “Rest and Recovery by Coach Torres”

Bike Trainer Ride – Tue and Thu / 5:30 am

Time to ride!Training for 70.3 Puerto Rico or any early season race Join me for a Virtual Training Bike Session : Tue and Thu at 5:30 am. Zoom Code: 868 0562 1340 Follow / Tag us at @tripeakathlete If you are interested in learning… Continue Reading “Bike Trainer Ride – Tue and Thu / 5:30 am”

Swim Workout: Technique Drills

Warm up: Dry land band exercises: 4 x 20 reps of ⁃ Freestyle ⁃ Breaststroke ⁃ Butterfly Warm up: ⁃ 2 x 150 free – focus on distance per stroke (DPS) with 15 sec recovery Kick Set: ⁃ 4 x 75 as Side to… Continue Reading “Swim Workout: Technique Drills”


Congratulations to all of the athletes who raced this past weekend. You made your coach proud. Dan Grieb Chris Nikic Jennifer Sturgess Carlos M.  Donald McCammon Michael Fitz Patrick – Kona Slot David Berlant Ana Caminas Hector L Torres USAT Elite Coach, USAC Lv… Continue Reading “Congratulations”

Monday – Swim

Warm up: 200 free 4 x 50 Scull /Swim with 15 sec recovery 4 x 75 Build with 15 sec recovery Main Set: 4 x 200 Pull with 15 sec recovery – Get out of the water after each 200 and give me 20… Continue Reading “Monday – Swim”

Friday – Swim Workout

Swim WorkoutWarm up:200 free200 kick with board200 pull with buoy and paddles200 choice Drill work:6 x 50 as 25 drill/ 25 free with 20 sec recovery catch up (focus on your extension and passing the hand in front of you ) fist drill (emphasize… Continue Reading “Friday – Swim Workout”

Wednesday – Track

Wednesday Track Workout6 amHoward Middle School Follow / Tag us at @tripeakathlete If you are interested in learning more about Tri Peak Athlete, LLC Coaching, call/text me at 321-443–0073 today or better yet, click this link to schedule a complimentary Multisport / strength conditioning… Continue Reading “Wednesday – Track”



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