Coach To Coach Mentorship Program

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The Program

Tri Peak Athlete Elite Mentorship Program 6 months September 2020 – February 2021 

The Coach to Coach Mentoring Program is a small group mentoring program designed to bring coaches together during the Triathlon season to share ideas, polish their philosophy, confront challenges, and learn from each other experiences. 

This program creates a structured platform – monthly conference calls, assignments, quarterly camps/training weekends, open conversation for those who have recently begun their coaching journey. 

Become a mentee.

The mentee is encouraged to actively prepare for and participate in a monthly mentoring session with the group. During our weekly 1:1 Virtual or In-Person, the mentee will discuss the assignments given towards their coaching platform. $150 per month 

Example topics covered: 

  • Implementation of Strength Conditioning
  • Training Periodization – Swim / Bike / RunMarketing Your Brand
  • Overload vs. Overtraining
  • Much more…


  • Must be a USAT Member
  • Must have a current USAT Coaching Certification
  • Must attend a Tri Peak Athlete training via video conference or teleconference.
  • Must have a desire to work in the profession (employment is not required).
  • Must attend all scheduled meeting

How To Apply

  • Send Resume to
  • Coach Torres will contact you to schedule an interview.
    • During the interview questions that will be asked:
      • Goals
      • Current Training Status
      • Coaching Experience
      • Expectations

Tips for a Program Success

  • Make yourself available to all members of your group.
  • Communication is key. Discuss with your group best ways to communicate with each other.
  • Attend all scheduled calls.
  • Be willing to share your knowledge, experience and wisdom.
  • Be willing to communicate with your mentor and other mentees in your group between sessions.
  • Be willing to adhere to all USAT polices.
  • Reach out to Hector Torres if you have any questions or concerns.

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