2022 Training Education Camps – 10 USAT CEU’s

Orlando, FL – Feb 24 – 27, 2022

Reserve your place for our upcoming Coaching Education / Training Camp! Only 20 spots available!

10 CEUs

Coaches and athletes will take the opportunity to earn up to 10 USAT Continuing Education Credits. Learn the latest research on multi-sport coaching education and hands on training. Bring your training gear as well as you will be able to take part of swimming, biking and running. The camp will feature lectures, rides, runs, along with some open water swimming and pool swimming. USA Triathlon Coaches will receive 10 USAT CEU’s!


Link: https://www.active.com/orlando-fl/triathlon/breakthrough-coaching-education-training-camp-2022


  • Tri Peak Athlete, LLC
    • 617 Virginia Dr. Orlando, FL 32803
  • Info: Coach Torres – 321-443-0073


  • $199.00 for USAT Coach
  • $150.00 for Individual Age Grouper

Tentative Schedule:


3:00 pm  – 4:30 pm   Open Water Swimming – Lecture

Learn the in and outs for Open Water Swimming for Triathletes. Become efficient in the water and create training plans that will help athletes overcome anxiety and build speed. 

5:00 pm HITT – High Intensity Interval Training for Triathletes

Build power and muscular endurance by implementing HITT training for Triathletes during their training plan. 


6:30 am Luck’s Lake Swim – Lake Cane

Open Water Swim – Bring wetsuit, towel and swim gear. 

9 am – 10:00 am  Proper Cycling Adaptation 

What format are you building your athletes cycling training? Many triathletes training for several events such as Sprint, Olympic, Half (70.3) and Full (Ultra), are you training in the correct format? What research currently shows the proper way to activate the neuromuscular system for proper muscle activation?

10:45 am Fueling Properly

Daily intake  and training intake for proper training adaptation. “You eat to train, you don’t train to eat”, is this actually true? How does your daily nutrition intake play in your performance? How long does it take for your body to adapt? 

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm Lunch – On Your Own

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm Analyzing Training Files 

What to look for on your training files? How to see if your athletes is adapting, under training and over training? When can you push your athlete a bit more without causing an injury?

3:15 pm – 4:45 pm Race Day Strategies

What approach should your athlete take during each race? What key workouts should your athlete do prepare for race day?How can we mentally prepare the athlete for any mental meltdowns during or prior to race?


8:00 am – 11:00 am Brick: Bike / Run

Location: Lake Louisa State Park

Duration: 2.5 hours

1 pm – 3 pm Open the Gait 

As a coach, know what to look for when watching our athletes run. Reveal subtle flaws and inefficiencies that decrease speed and increase injury risk. 

3:15 pm – 5:00 pm Mobility for Endurance Athletes

Improving Athlete Range of of Motion for all three sports. Provide athletes a toolkit to safely impose their range of motion, positioning for load bearing, and work capacity of the hip and lower back with special applicability to multi-sport lifestyle. 


6:30 am 8:30 am Clay Road Run – 10 mile run

Location: Clay Road Clermont

Duration: 75 – 90 min 

11 am – 12:30 pm Athlete Screenings

When working with a new athlete or recurring athletes it is very important to establish baselines such as Functional Movement Screening, Posture Analysis, Heart Rate, Paces, Power Zones and strength limiters. Research the latest methods and find what fits your philosophy. This will be a hands on clinic and lecture. Duration: 90 min 

 *No Refunds or Transfers

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