Tri Peak Athlete primary goal has been the development of ParaTriathletes within the Florida by:

  • increasing participation,
  • developing ParaTri High Performance Team
  • evolving current events
  • building profile.

Therefore, if you are an individual who has a physical disabilities and want to get involved within

  • USA Cycling
  • USA Swimming
  • USA Track and Field
  • USA Triathlon

All coaching will be at no cost for the athlete, the only expectations will for the athlete to be performed their best.

Athlete will receive:

Customized Bi-Weekly Schedule

Athletes will receive a customized periodized training plan on a bi-weekly schedule.  Your program will gradually but progressively guide you towards your main goal / race.

Weekly/Monthly Sessions

During the sessions the coach will work with the athlete to develop their specific needs. Such as strength, biomechanics analysis, power training, mental training and much more. Each session will last 45 min.

Fitness Assessment

Upon starting the program, each athlete will undergo an assessment of their current fitness level, in which we will analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

After each assessment, each training session will be prescribed to improve the athlete’s performance.

Lactate Threshold Testing – Swim, Bike or Run

How much guesswork are you willing to involve in your training and how much time have you got to waste? Do you want to make sure that what you do works optimally for you?  Do you want to make the most of the time that you have available?

A finely tuned and planned training program is a key element in maximizing your training time and improving performance. One of the most important parts of a structured training plan is to train at the correct intensity. Using a heart rate monitor enables athletes to monitor their true intensity during workouts and races, making training decisions based on FACT instead of FEEL.

What do you get?

Nothing more accurately tells you when and where your body begins to accumulate excessive lactic acid in your blood, a sign that you are exercising too anaerobically and will not be able to rid these acids from your body efficiently.

Combining your lactate threshold with comprehensive heart rate information will enable you to translate your power / heart rate in training to your lactate threshold in the lab.  Testing includes a post test one on one session with the trainer conducting the test to review the test and explain your results in detail.

Guidance to get grants,prostethics and races.

Contact me at: – with the subject line: ParaAthlete

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