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Getting ready for your long runs during Ironman training – Hector L Torres

During triathlon training, especially during Ironman training, it is very important to prepare yourselves for your long day of trainings. You have to think your body as your engine aka “motor”.  During your training you have been spending time on your feet; which leads… Continue Reading “Getting ready for your long runs during Ironman training – Hector L Torres”

Anxiety during the swim!

Walking into a swim start, I have seen countless faces of fear on peoples faces, to the point that their goggles start filling up with tears and they start shaking. Suddenly the gun goes off and they are in the water. The start gasping for… Continue Reading “Anxiety during the swim!”

Legs and Shoulder – Circuit Training

How to do it: You will warm up do 15 min at the elliptical or treadmill. Nice and easy and quick turn over. You will do three sets of 15 repetitions on the following exercises. Alternate the exercises from Legs to Shoulders. Please use… Continue Reading “Legs and Shoulder – Circuit Training”

Push Through The Pain

How do you dig deep to finish a hard effort? At times, while we are doing a set of exercises or running you feel the burn/pain and right about to give up, you need to push through. Know when…. to say when. Reaching your… Continue Reading “Push Through The Pain”

Circuit Training – Total Body!

How to do it: Complete 3 sets of 12 – 15 repetitions of the following exercises. Please use moderate resistance for these exercises. Barbell Squat Shoulder press Pull up Push ups Kettlebell swing Burpee Mountain Climbers However, on the last set, I want you… Continue Reading “Circuit Training – Total Body!”

Plank – 30 Day Challenge

Plank: Assume push up by stacking your wrist, elbows and shoulders upon one another. Then isolate your core by pulling your belly button towards your lower back. If you cannot support your upper body, you can start by doing the plank with your knees… Continue Reading “Plank – 30 Day Challenge”

Morning Rush – Don’t Miss breakfast!

Morning Rush – If you are running late and need to grab quick bite, I highly recommend you to get something that will sate your hunger.  You can prepare this at work or while getting ready. Whole grain carbs like oatmeal can give your… Continue Reading “Morning Rush – Don’t Miss breakfast!”

Yearly Triathlon Training Special

Triathlon Coach – All of the TPK training services utilizes proven principles developed from an qualitative and quantitative perspective. Our approach towards each program is customized based upon each athletes schedule and needs. Our athletes will tell you that our attention to detail and… Continue Reading “Yearly Triathlon Training Special”



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