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Quarantine Challenge – Wednesday

Warm Up  3 Rounds: 40 Jumping Jacks 10 Alternating Lunges on each side 5 burpees  Main Set:  4 Rounds 15 Spiderman Push ups (Knees to elbow when you go down) 20 Side Plank Raises  20 Low Plank Hip Tap Side to side 10 Push… Continue Reading “Quarantine Challenge – Wednesday”

Congratulations to all of the athletes!

Congratulations to all the athletes who raised this morning in Haines City! I know it was a very tough day but you all pushed through and finished. Perseverance is key for the success of any athlete. Some athletes have been raised in back to… Continue Reading “Congratulations to all of the athletes!”

Order your uniforms today!

Prices are now: Prima Top/ men & women: $102.10 Prima Shorts/ men & women: $92.30 Rio Top: $119.00 Rio Shorts: $109.20 To order contact: Andre Bennatan Kiwami Triathlon 222 E Wisconsin Ave Suite 15 Lake Forest, Illinois 60045 USA http://www.kiwamitri.com (224) 544- 5034 Email:… Continue Reading “Order your uniforms today!”

Rice Smoothie recipe

This Smoothie works best immediately after a bike ride. Add ice to give it a bit more thickness, or keep a pile of ripe banana in the freezer at all times and just add those to the blender with the other ingredients Ingredients: COOKED… Continue Reading “Rice Smoothie recipe”

NormaTec Holiday Sale!

NormaTec Sale – $1495 (Discount code: Tripeak14) Don’t miss out on NormaTec’s exclusive Holiday Sale, complete with your very own NormaTec Holiday Stocking to hang by the fire! (While supplies last.) NormaTec is the gift that keeps on giving. Back up training days with fresh… Continue Reading “NormaTec Holiday Sale!”

NormaTec Recovery

NormaTec Recovery   After years of successfully treating thousands of patients with severe illness and disease, NormaTec developed the NormaTec MVP(“Most Valuable Pump”) Sports Medicine model. Used world-wide by orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers, and professional and Olympic athletes, the NormaTec MVP has quickly become the treatment option of… Continue Reading “NormaTec Recovery”



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