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Legs and Shoulder – Circuit Training

How to do it: You will warm up do 15 min at the elliptical or treadmill. Nice and easy and quick turn over. You will do three sets of 15 repetitions on the following exercises. Alternate the exercises from Legs to Shoulders. Please use… Continue Reading “Legs and Shoulder – Circuit Training”

Circuit Training – Total Body!

How to do it: Complete 3 sets of 12 – 15 repetitions of the following exercises. Please use moderate resistance for these exercises. Barbell Squat Shoulder press Pull up Push ups Kettlebell swing Burpee Mountain Climbers However, on the last set, I want you… Continue Reading “Circuit Training – Total Body!”

Low-Fat Chocolate Milk!

Trusted by Athletes, backed by science! Low-fat Chocolate Milk has what athletes need to recover after a hard workout, with high quality protein to rebuild and nutrients to refuel. Whatever you’re building build it with chocolate milk.

What is your excuse!

There are only a few weeks until the start of summer, and it’s a great time to cement an exercise habit you can maintain for a lifetime. Unfortunately, real life often intrudes into the best intentions, and before you know it, one skipped workout turns… Continue Reading “What is your excuse!”

Push Yourself!

3 ways to hang tough! With longer days, milder temperatures, and trees beginning to show some green, sprain is an ideal time to get outside and hit the trails.  Therefore, there are as many reasons to go off-road as there are places to run. Whether you… Continue Reading “Push Yourself!”

Swimming Stretch Cord Exercises

Swimming Stretch Cord Exercises Your catch in the swim is your key limiter to build strength in the swim. The more quickly you are able to rotate your shoulder and set up the pull, the better and efficient you’ll be. All athletes can afford… Continue Reading “Swimming Stretch Cord Exercises”



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