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Rest and Recovery

Rest and Recovery The workouts you do are as good as the recover that follows. How can you get the best out of each session? If you are like every single triathlete as I see, the coach tells you to cool down and you… Continue Reading “Rest and Recovery”

Core Exercises

Core Exercises! How to do it: Warm up: 15 min elliptical You will do 4 sets of 30 reps on each exercise. Make sure you exhale and hold the contraction for at least 1 – 2 seconds. 1. side Bridge reverse crunch 2. Plank with… Continue Reading “Core Exercises”

Go to Bed!

Go to Bed! The average american will sleep 5- 6 hours a day. However, when we are training and want to improve our performance we need to take quality time in our sleep.  Catch more quality sleep  can make you stronger. Countless time, I… Continue Reading “Go to Bed!”

Healthy Taco Salad

We like the spices of the Mexican culture; however, when we go to order  a taco salad it is full of greasy and unhealthy ingredients. In my experience a taco salad is nothing but greasy taco meat piled high on nutritionally void iceberg lettuce… Continue Reading “Healthy Taco Salad”

Fresh or Frozen Vegetables

We are always in the rush and want to eat fresh vegetables. However, many people don’t believe that Frozen vegetables have the same nutritional value.  Eat your (Frozen) vegetables. Well, you might need to re-evaluate your choices. Researchers at the University of Georgia’s College… Continue Reading “Fresh or Frozen Vegetables”



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