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Wednesday – Build your back!

Warm up: 1 mile or 10 min cardio Foam Roll Dynamic Warm up: 5 TRX – I Y T (If you don’t have battle ropes you can do military jumping jacks) Main Set 6 rounds 1 min of battle ropes – ripples 8 Single… Continue Reading “Wednesday – Build your back!”

Snatchy Snatch – Wednesday

Warm up 30 calories on assault bike or tower Dynamic warmup with bands 2 rounds 10 Shoulder raises 10 Squats 10 Lunges Main set 6 rounds 25 sec recover after all three 40 battle ropes ripples 15 kettle bell swings 10 wall balls 6… Continue Reading “Snatchy Snatch – Wednesday”

Wednesday – Pump It Up

Warm up: 1000 meter row Dynamic Stretches Foam Roll Main Set: 4 Rounds Triple Super Set 10 TRX Push ups 10 Hammer Curls 20 Mountain Climbers 1 min recovery after the each round 4 Rounds Triple Super Set 10 Military Pushups 10 Tricep overhead… Continue Reading “Wednesday – Pump It Up”

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